‘X-Empire’ Debut EP “End Of Times” Is Officially Released, New Track Available for Streaming ‘Fallen’


X EMPIREX-Empire is a new Brazilian metal-project. Their debut EP “End Of Times” is available now. A new version of the song ‘Fallen’ can be streamed below, just as cover artwork and tracklist. Support the band by purchasing the digital version of the album.

X-Empire has been created in 2012 by Michel Marcos (X), Rogerio Oliveira (ChimeraH) and Raphael Jorge (Heptah) in Sao Paulo, Brasil. In the beginning X-Empire was a side project simply called X, but after work on some new material all members decide to move on as a band. Their debut EP called “End Of Times” will show to all metal fans, how X-Empire works as a band. This is a new era for the Modern Metal, when the style meets some new elements. From the inspired minds of great musicians writing their debut album, comes an overdose of head-banging riffs, rich textures, untraditional arrangements, and involving lyrics.


X mpire

1. Principium Et Finis
2. Fallen
3. Warcry
4. No Answers
5. Scars from the Past
6. End of Times
7. Reflections in the Dark

Band members:
Michel Marcos  – Vocals
Rogério Oliveira  – Guitar/Vocals
Felipe Gabriel  – Bas
Raphael Jorge  – Druns

Weblinks: Facebook

Video below ‘Fallen’

Video below ‘No Answers’

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