Treasure Seeker: “A Tribute To The Past” Reissue Announced, Teaser Available


Ulterium Records are proud to announce the reissue of “A Tribute to the Past”, the legendary and long out of print Christian metal tribute album originally released in 1998. The album includes cover versions of Christian metal classics from Stryper, Bloodgood, Bride, Saint, Jerusalem, REZ, Leviticus, Creed and Force 3, as well as the original track “A Tribute to the Past”. The album will be released on CD and digital on April 19th via Ulterium Records.

Check out an album teaser below.

The CD reissue includes a 20 page booklet with liner notes from all Treasure Seeker members, the legendary Pastor Bob Beeman, Heaven’s Metal editor Doug van Pelt as well as band members and people that were involved with the bands that are covered on the album, including Richard Lynch and Josh Kramer from Saint, Stephan Galfas, the producer of Stryper – “To Hell With the Devil”, Ez Gomér from Leviticus, Les Carlsen from Bloodgood, Glenn Kaiser from REZ, Ulf Christiansson from Jerusalem, Charlie Wilson from Force 3, Dale Thompson from Bride and Tichy Casni from Creed.

“A Tribute to the Past” track listing:
01. A Tribute to the Past
02. Too Late For Living
03. To Hell With the Devil
04. Flames of Fire
05. Out of the Darkness
06. Silent Screams
07. Rebels of Jesus Christ
08. Warrior of Light
09. Heroes
10. Meet Again

Treasure Seeker is:
William Hieb – Bass
Andy Gutjahr – Guitars
Olaf Hayer – Vocals
Danilo Baldorf – Drums
Marc Piras – Guitars

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