TOP 25: Most Viewed Album Reviews of 2020


Due to covid-19, it was and still is a very strange and weird year for all of us, but especially for all the artists, bands and their roadies, concert organizations, clubs and stages worldwide. A year without almost no concerts / festivals etc. But filled with lockdowns and virtual streaming concerts …. Gladly this past year has brought us again loads of decent new releases. Despite the strange situation we are dealing with, our reviewers have written many reviews. Here are the 25 most viewed reviews:

25: Pyramaze – “Epitaph” (review)
24: Judgement Day – “The Sun, the Darkness” (ep) (review)
23: Skillet – “Victorious” (review)
22: Azusa – “Loop of Yesterdays” (review)
21: Wolfpakk – “Nature Strikes Back” (review)

20: Red – “Declaration” (review)
19: Adorned Graves – “Being Towards a River” (review)
18: Volturian – “Crimson” (review)
17: DENS – “Taming Tongues” (review)
16: XL & DBD – “The Beginning of Closure” (review)

15: No Lost Cause – P.S. (ep) (review)
14: As I Lay Dying – “Shaped by Fire” (review)
13: Enzo & The Glory Ensemble – “In The Name of The World Spirit” (review)
12: Breaking Benjamin – “Aurora” (review)
11: A Broken Line – “Rat Beach Live” (review)

10: Deathbreaker – “Isolate” (review)
9: Moon Reverie – “Moon Reverie” (review)
8: Eric Clayton And The Nine – “A Thousand Scars” (review)
7: Cloth – “Axis Mundi” (EP) (review)
6: Undawn – “Solidarity” (Ep) (review)

5: The Lead – “Burn This Record +30” (review)
4: The Thomas Thompson Earth Project – “Dreamland Lovecraft” (review)
3: Nightland – “Umbra Astra Luna” (review)
2: Ravenword – “Transcendence” (review)
1: The World Will Burn – “Nothings As Real As It Seems” (review)

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