‘Of Mice & Men’ Vocalist ‘Austin Carlile’ Shares Health Update from Hospital


Austin_OM*MAfter canceling two tour dates due to health complications, Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile took to Twitter to update fans on his medical issues and thank them for their support.

It seems the 27-year-old singer is suffering from Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting the body’s connective tissues, based on recent tweets.

In a series of Twitter updates, Carlile explains that he has been transferred to Stanford University to be treated by “cardiologists and marfans specialists.”

Marfans is a genetic disorder that commonly involves defects of the heart valves and aortas.

Carlile says: ‘Thank you for the get-well wishes, everyone. I’m transferring to Stanford University this week to be in care of my cardiologists and marfans specialists until my health situation at hand is under control.’

‘It has been a long past few days, and the ones following will be just as much of a struggle, but I can do this. And I believe that wholeheartedly. If I believe in it, so should you.’

‘I’m sorry to anyone who missed the last two shows of our tour. I would have much rather been there than a hospital bed, I assure you.’

‘Love to everyone, band, family, you. I’m never giving up. Thanks for being there for me.’

‘Waking up over and over in the middle of the night, or the nurses helping me pee, reading the tweets help.’

Last August, Carlile‘s recurring heart issue forced Of Mice & Men to cancel some European tour dates.

‘I don’t like to talk about my heart thing,’ the vocalist told Revolver magazine, ‘because I don’t want that to be what this band is about. Yes, I have to deal with it every day, and it’s a hard thing sometimes, but being able to make music and get up onstage is what makes it easier to deal with. I don’t know how I’d deal with it if I didn’t have music.’

Of Mice & Men‘s “Restoring Force: Full Circle” deluxe double-disc, foil-stamped digipack that includes three brand-new songs and an acoustic version of the band’s hit single “Feels Like Forever” was released in February 2014.

Our review of  “Restoring Force” can be found here.

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Video below ‘Another You’

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