‘Pyramaze’ New Track Available for Streaming ‘The Battle of Paridas’


pyramaze_band2Listen to ‘The Battle of Paridas’ from the brand new Pyramaze album “Disciples of the Sun” below. “Disciples Of The Sun” is released last month through Inner Wound Recordings.

“Disciples of the Sun” is definitely one of the most interesting and best melodic metal albums to be released this year and fans of the genre won’t be disappointed! The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica, Evergrey].

Marking the dawn of a new era for Pyramaze, fourth album “Disciples of the Sun” is a true creative and artistic venture for Pyramaze. With song writing being divided between members Jacob, Toke, and Jonah this time around, there is an undeniable diversity and freshness to the sound of the album. Heavy, dark, progressive, melodic, and catchy…. “Set out to catch the fire!”

Heavy and full guitar riffs, complemented by the epic and cinematic keyboard arrangements of Jonah W, along with the blistering infusion and foundation provided by drummer Morten Gade Sørensen, work together seamlessly to create the signature sound of Pyramaze. New vocalist Terje Harøy brings power and catchy melodies with a modern flair, without sacrificing the dark and progressive edge that Pyramaze is known for. The furious, progressive, and precise thrash infused riffs of new guitarist Jacob Hansen lay down the rock solid foundation upon which the soaring vocal and guitar melodies exist. Lead guitarist Toke Skjønnemand brings the shred and undeniably memorable guitar solos with both a modern and classic influence.

Pyramaze are devoted to making music that mirrors their souls, combines all of their influences, and stimulates the mind and spirit of their listeners… Pyramaze continue to make music that is dark, thought provoking, all with a sense of fearlessness! The band will forever be committed to making the melodic art of a group that understands the importance of staying true and faithful to one’s passion.

‘Divided by oceans, bound together by brotherhood, we must become that which divides us…. we are PYRAMAZE, and we are the Ocean!’


01. We Are The Ocean
02. The Battle Of Paridas
03. Disciples Of The Sun (Music Video)
04. Back For More
05. Genetic Process
06. Fearless (Lyric Video)
07. Perfectly Imperfect
08. Unveil
09. Hope Springs Eternal
10. Exposure
11. When Black Turns To White
12. Photograph

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Jun 26 Kløften Festival Haderslev, Denmark

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Video below: ‘The Battle of Paridas’

Video below “Disciples Of The Sun” (Album Teaser)

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