Theme Music For Indie Film “War Story” By ‘Evanescence’ Frontwoman ‘Amy Lee’ And ‘Dave Eggar’


Amy.LeeEvanescence frontwoman Amy Lee tells MTV News that she has just recorded her first score with composer Dave Eggar for the indie film “War Story”, which will premiere later this month, on Januari 19th. at Sundance.

“It’s going to surprise my fans. It’s not what you’d expect; the film is very dark, very introspective. There’s not even a lot of dialogue, which is great, because to me it makes this beautiful, sad platform for music,” Lee says. “There’s a lot of blending of sounds, a lot of ominous tones. I play a lot of keyboard, and a lot of Taurus pedal. There’s a lot of low drones.

“There are moments of playing, and it’s musical, but there are a lot of moments where Dave and I just built walls of sounds, out of blaring cellos and trombones and synthesizers and harp, all on top of each other,” she continues. “Sort of creating new sounds. It’s not, like, a soundtrack. it’s an atmosphere.”

Lee also says that the experience of scoring a film is one she hopes to replicate again very soon.

“I’ve been talking about wanting to score forever, and this was my first opportunity to explore that,” she says. “Dave and I were already talking about taking a meeting for another film, and I definitely want to work with him again. I’m open-minded. I really like to be in a free place where I’m not boxing myself in; I say that all the time, but that’s the goal right now.”

Lee is reportedly suing her longtime label, Wind-Up Records, for at least $1.5 million over unpaid royalties and other alleged misdeeds, according to TMZ.comLee has also alleged in her lawsuit that the company attempted to sabotage the band’s career by assigning them to under-qualified promotion executives who lacked fresh ideas on how to market and promote the group.

Asked by MTV News about the lawsuit, Lee said: “I can’t say a word, I’m sorry. It’s really for the best right now.” did not cite its sources for the report, nor did it obtain any official statements from either the label or Lee, who is seeking over $1.5 million in back royalties.

Evanescence is actually no longer part of the Wind-Up roster. Back in November, Wind-Up sold most of its back catalog to the Bicycle Music Company and Concord Music Group, including the entire catalogs of Evanescence, Creed, Seether and others.

Evanescence, whose third, self-titled album debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 when it came out in 2011, has sold 25 million records worldwide.

That last disc came out after a five-year hiatus and Lee told The Pulse Of Radio at the time that she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to keep on making rock music. “For me, it had really been such a long time for us coming back after, you know, five years or four years of not doing it, living normal life and not even thinking about Evanescence for a lot of that time, it starts to feel like, is this really still me?” she said. “You know, have I outgrown this thing? Is this going to work anymore? You know. Who am I? [laughs]”

The band toured through mid-2012 in support of the CD, but has been inactive since then.

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