‘The Blessed’ – Quality Filmed Footage of Entire ‘Legion Metal Fest’ Show Posted


The Blessed (Cradle of God) performed at the Legion Metal Fest in Novomoskovsk, Russia on May 7th. Quality Filmed footage of the band’s entire set (including 3 new tracks + ‘Fast as a Shark’ cover from Accept) can be viewed below.

The Blessed is Russian metal band, playing melodic death-metal. It was formed in 2012. The band’s first name was Cradle of God. The band was founded by Dmitry “Cross” Yusin. The name for the band was taken from Llewelyn Powys‘s book “The cradle of God”. Powys was the British author and wrote this book in 1929.

Songs for the band’s first album were prepared for two years and the 1st single ‘Children of God’ has been released in April 2014. Their 1st EP “Children of God” (consists of 2 songs – ‘Children of God’ and ‘Arise from the dead’). In June 2015 the band decided to change its name to The Blessed.

Late last year they released their debut album “Remember”.

Recently (April) we did an interview with the members of The Blessed, you can read it here.

1 – Insight (new track)
2 – Children of God
3 – Jesus says
4 – Remember
5 – My soul is crying (new track)
6 – Slavery of corruption (new track)
7 – Fast as a shark ( cover Accept)
8 – Встань с колен

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