‘The Order of Elijah’ Music Video Released For ‘New Line of Defense’


The Order Of Elijah Band(Fort Wayne, IN) – HM Magazine has premiered the new music video from Missouri-based deathcore band, The Order Of Elijah for their song “New Line Of Defense.” The video can also be seen below.

The in-your-face twistings and turnings of the song are highlighted by footage of the band performing at a fully functional dam in Disney, OK. Mirroring the unpredictability inherent in the bands songwriting style, the dam literally could have opened up at any moment and swept them away in the current. The concept of the video illustrates the lyrical themes perfectly as they convey the nihilistic leanings of mankind by performing on ground man has destroyed in the name of progress. Lead singer Shannon Low states, “the barren wasteland created by man is reflected in many aspects of society and the self-destructive mindset everyone is enslaved to.”

The Order of Elijah master the art of balance by converging creative musical destruction, a meticulous display of aggressive, heavy mastery and the delivery of serious lyrical themes often delivered with a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. The band uses pop culture audio samples ranging from Pulp Fiction to The Order starring the legendary and now deceases actor Heath Ledger most well known for his role as The Joker in The Dark Night.

The band’s reputation as a devastatingly impressive live band continues to build as they assault audiences regionally and beyond. A recent show with Emmure left other opening bands gasping for air in the wake of their powerful performance. The crowd was there for Emmure but left with The Order Of Elijah emblazoned like a ten thousand degree heat stamp on the back of their collective brains. This summer’s “Bite and Devour” tour will take the band to California for their first-ever west coast swing.

To celebrate the album release, The Order Of Elijah will be playing an album release show in their hometown of Joplin, MO Friday, July 12th. Show info and album purchase links follow below.

Album review quote: “The Order of Elijah are straight-ahead heavy throughout dethrone. Any song on this album will turn heads when played loudly in public.” Read the full review here.

Record Release Show:
7/12 – Solace Music Venue – Joplin, MO

Purchase Dethrone digitally here.


New Line of Defense
Bringing Down Hell
David’s Frozen Sword
The Reclaimer
Greed Machine
Nails over Duct Tape
Starscram Symphony
Ballad of Jimmy Baker

Band members:
Shannon Low – Vocals
Josh Newlon – Drums
Shane Ross – Bass
Bryan Cox – Guitar
Myk Lee – Guitar

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Reverbnation / Bandcamp

Video below “New Line of Defense”

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