One Men Band ‘Hooded Penitent’ Releases “Hesychasm” Debut EP (Available for Streaming)


The first album of the one man band Hooded Penitent is now available for streaming below. This album is entitled “Hesychasm” and is inspired by the monks lifestyle and christian meditation. Hooded Penitent practices a Christian Post Metal based both on distorded guitars and faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to HGM [Howling Griffons Music] Label – Hooded Penitent is a musical project inspired by christian meditation, but in a “dark” way. Christianity has such a strong esthetic power and such a long history, it is a pity that the “Metal” world doesn’t want to exploit this aspect and only mocks the christian message.

“Hesychasm” has been inspired by the Wikipedia page (Hesychasm) and is a very simple musical loop repeated dozens of times. It is a way to recreate the monks experience who repeat the Jesus prayer all day in their cells.

On a musical point of view Hooded Penitent is inspired by bands as Neurosis, Sunn O))), Einsturzende Neubauten and all kind of Metal stuff.

Hooded Penitent is a very underground and low-fi project.

HGM is a label dedicated to all find of dark, insane and doomed music, find them on: Facebook / Pinterest

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