The Blamed: Founding Member and Ringmaster Bryan Gray talks about “Twenty-21:” Releases Video for ‘Abuse’


The Blamed, founding member and ringmaster Bryan Gray talks about “Twenty-21:”

“So we wanted to do this re-recorded version of the record in 2021, but then I got sick and things slowed down. So ironically it’s the 30 year anniversary by the time this comes out. We get a lot of requests for 21 on vinyl, legally this was the only possibility that we could afford. Thanks to Matt Carter from the band Emery for answering my questions and helping us figure this out. The original recording from 1994 has a rad timestamp in our lives, but with the modern technology we wanted to try and breathe some new life into these old songs, making this has been a blast. The band pressed vinyl that is shipping in May and we gave The Charon Collective the exclusive on the CD release.”

The current lineup of The Blamed consists of Jeff Locke (Left Out), Sid Duffour (Headnoise, The Satire, October Wings Of Death), Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, Deliverance, Once Dead), and Bryan Gray (Mortal, Living Sacrifice, Six Feet Deep).

You can purchase or stream “Twenty21” from The Blamed right now at

Video for ‘Abuse’

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