“Split Decision” Released By Boston’s ‘A Common Goal’ and Idaho’s ‘False Idle’


Split Decision (EP)For those of you who have ever agonized over two choices, soup or salad, decaf or no, Coke or Pepsi, to be or not to be… take heart!  The newest release from Thumper Punk Records is just for you.  “Split Decision” is an EP that says, “to heck with one or the other; I want both!”  Featuring the Boston-based A Common Goal, and Idaho-based False Idle, this is a perfect match for any lover of punk rock.  Each band has crafted two brand new songs exclusively for this split, as well as covering a song from the other.

‘Nowhere Fast’ and ‘Two Steps Behind’ combine ACG‘s melodic genius with the lyrical substance that brings a challenge and a call to action within every song they write. The cover of FI‘s ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is a brilliant take on the original.

FI‘s new songs, ‘First World, Last Place’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ are just another step forward for a band that refuses to be predictable.  The vocals and instrumental structure shows an already experienced band that is maturing still.  Their cover of ACG‘s ‘The Cavalry’ puts a new spin on the original with their cutting, aggressive vocals and fast-paced approach to the song.

No matter what your exact taste is, “Split Decision” is a release that delivers on all fronts.  So who’s the champ??  It’s up to you!  “Split Decision” CDs are available for $5 through the Thumper Punk Records webstore, and digital copies are available at all major digital retailers.

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