‘False Idle’ & ‘A Common Goal’ Announce Split Release


Boston based, A Common Goal, and Boise based, False Idle, have decided to join forces to release a six song split CD. The release will consist of two completely new original songs from each of the two bands, as well as one re-interpretation of one of the other band’s previously released songs.

Following on the heels of each bands 2013 full length releases, the split is set to be released in late November 2014.

A Common Goal released their full length, “Blessings and Battles”, on Thumper Punk Records in May of 2013. The full length was a follow up to their Debut EP, “For God and Country”, which was officially released in 2012.

False Idle also released their first full length in May of 2013 on Thumper Punk Records as a follow up to two EP’s, “Hymns Of Punk Rock Praise” released in 2010 and “I Refuse” released in 2011.


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