‘Skin Culture’ Final Tracklist For Upcoming Album Revealed


Skin Culture have revealed the final tracklist for the new upcoming album The Flame Still Burns Strong. The album was supposed to be released earlier this year, but due to circumstances it is delayed. A new releasedate is set for early 2013 & will come with pleasant surprises.  Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.

Recenty we did an interview with vocalist  Shucky Miranda, about the new album he says:

‘With the old line-up we recorded the preview of the new CD in Santos (São Paulo, Brazil) with Bruno Armentano (from Ataque Verbal). Then, when the problems of the former musicians started, I moved on, working with the producer Raul Dipeas, until stabilize the new line-up of the band and, obviously, we put a new layout on the whole álbum. We could explore many ideas, for example, record all the guitar riffs with 8-string guitars, bringing a heavier and clean sonority, drums are also in first line and the bass, insane. Vocals are also being worked thoroughly. It’s worth to wait!!!

Read the entire interview with Shucky HERE.

The current line up is: Beto Nalin – 8 strings guitar / Tueu Isaac – Lead Guitar / Schucky Miranda – Vocals / Nathan Soler – Bass / Marcos Deep – Drums .

01- Set Me Free
02- Ashes & Flames
03- Rapture
04- For The Hell Of It Before
05- Here I Preach
06- The End Of My Days
07- One Tribe, One Soul, One God
08- Blind Soul [pr3ssion version]
09- Eater Atheist
10- Thirst For Hunting
11- Heart Song

Upcoming Shows:
05-12-2012 @ Buxixo Bar, Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil.
08-12-2012 @ Judas Fest 2012, São Paulo, Brazil
09-12-2012 @ Judas Fest 2012, Hocus Pocus Studio & Café, São José, Brazil

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News By Márllon “Roxx” Mátos

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