‘Sabbatariam’ ‘The Valley of The Shadows’ [10 years Anniversary Edition] Available Now


The Brazilian band Sabbatariam, has released The Valley of The Shadows (10 years Anniversary Edition) today. Al the songs are remastered. This 10 years anniversary contains 5 bonus tracks, Including two very nice covers of Stryper – To Hell With The Devil and BrideHeroes. 

The album is available on the bands bandcamp page as a free download, or name your price, in that way you support the band so they can continue to make music. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.

The line-up of the record was formed by Fábio Araújo – Drums, Daniel Corpse – Vocals, Isaque Soares – Bass, Marcos Werneck – Guitars.

*Isaque Soares and Daniel Corpse are Krig members.

Track Listing
01 – Intro
02 – Bear The Temptation
03 – Putrid Corpse
04 – Came Into my Life
05 – Recantation
06 – Holy Bible
07 – To the End

Bonus Tracks
08 – Heroes (Bride Cover)
09 – To Hell with the Devil (Stryper Cover)
10 – The Gift of Compassion
11 – Triumphy to New World
12 – The new world

The Valley of The Shadows [10 years Anniversary Edition] is available at this location.

Weblinks: Website / Myspace / Purevolume

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