Italian Cellist & Composer Luca Basile (Elegy Of Madness) Releases First Solo Single


Italian cellist & composer Luca Basile (Elegy Of Madness) recently released his first solo single. The track is called ‘GEA’ and was released on all digital platforms. A video for ‘GEA’ can be seen below.

In May 2020, the cellist and composer Luca Basile, during the “Quarantine period”, released his first soloist composition: ‘GEA’, like the primordial Godness, Crono’s and Rea’s mother from which the Olympus born. GEA is Mother Nature, which properly in this period of Covid 19, showed us her scream, her call to what is her own, through wealth and beauty that gives us as present. She reminds us, that we are not her masters, but her GUESTS.
The sound awakens memories of epic lands, mystical adventures and emotional atmospheres like the best epic orchestrated soundtracks!

Luca Basile is an Italian cellist, arranger and composer who plays with the Symphonic Metal band Elegy of Madness. He specializes in classical music and in Metal/Rock music with a great passion for an epic, cinematic sound!
Basile toured all over the world both with Symphonic Orchestras and metal bands! He released four albums with his band and was involved in lots of collaborations with other projects both as cellist and arranger/composer of Metal, Epic/Classical music, Pop and Jazz music. He is also working as composer for films and video games and as cello and music theory teacher at music schools.

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