‘Skin Culture’ To Record New Album ‘The Flame Still Burns Strong’


The Brazilian band Skin Culture is in preparation for recording their third album with the title The Flame Still Burns Strong. The beginning of the recordings is expected the second week of November with the American producer Brendan Duffei in Norcal Studio in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Listen to The End of My Days below. Earlier this year, we had an interview with singer  Shucky Miranda, you can read it HERE.

The Flame Burns Strong
 has the following track listing (the songs are not yet in its final order) :

For the hell or it before
Set me Free
Eater Atheist
Here I Preach (with P.O.D.)
Blood was shed
Tast of Healing
One Tribe,One Soul,One God
Synthesized Lies
Only War of Words
Thirst for Hunting
Heart Sound
The End of My Days

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