New ‘Saul of Tarsus’ Single ‘No Treasure’ Available for Streaming


saul of tarsus_2015Hardcore Punk Band Saul of Tarsus just premiered the song ‘No Treasure’ from their most recent album “Road to Damascus” with HM Magazine. The Riverside, CA-based band, who also claim elements of grindcore and thrash in their musical influence, dropped the album on Nov. 20th. The song can be streamed in the soundcloud player below.

HM spoke with Anthony Marquez, guitarist for the band, about the song:

“The song is based on Matthew 6:19, James 4:14, the Book of Ecclesiastes, and a little bit of the Book of Proverbs. The message of the song is to focus on Jesus as opposed to being distracted by the material world. It is also a warning against selfishness, greed, idolatry, covetousness and the attacks of the enemy. Each chorus is slightly different, the first two describing the perishing world and the third pointing to Christ as the solution.”

The band is comprised of: Tracy – Vocals, Anthony – Guitars & Backup Vocals, Rod – Bass, Carlos – Drums.


Track List:

1 Fallen
2 Massive Deception
3 World Flesh Devil
4 Critical Condition
5 The Last Jihad
6 Beware Of The Lamb
7 No Treasure
8 Road To Damascus
Upcoming Shows:
Jan 16th – House of Rebellion, Moreno Valley, CA
Feb. 14 – Mission Tobacco Lounge, Riverside, CA
Feb. 20 – Angel City Cafe, Bellflower, CA

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

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