‘Skin Culture’ Reveals Final Tracklist For New Album


Shucky_SCShucky Miranda the vocalist of the Brazilian metal band Skin Culture, posted the following message on the band’s facebook profile:

“Good morning my family, I want to share with you this special moment for everyone. Only God knows how much was practically suffocating the fight to concretize this new CD. God knows all things, because we are only his instruments. I can not forget to thank once again the producer Raul Dipeas, which for me was the key piece to can achieve such perfection in each arrangement, tones that border on insanity. You’re the guy crazier, sick and psychotic musical that I had the honor to meet Raul. Every musician who passed and left his seed in each comma compositions from a single sentence to the end of each song. All of you are part of this story, you know who you are. Now is awaiting finalization with mega producer Tim Laud at The Porch studio in Altamont Springs in Florida. You have no idea how was this masterpiece of musical brutality. Prepare yourselves!”

In December of last yearSkin Culture announced the end of the band. But frontman Shucky Miranda thought about it and decided not to terminate the band’s activities. He saw that God had Given him a gift, a way to express and spread the real message of Christianity and reconsidered its former decision.

Recently Skin Culture released a pre-mix version of a new song from their upcoming album “The Flame Still Burns Strong”, called Set Me Free. You can download the song for free at this location.

Shucky Miranda also recorded a song with No Guerra (ARG), called “La Resistencia”.

Skin Culture consist of: Beto Nalin – 8 strings guitar / Tueu Isaac – Lead Guitar / Schucky Miranda – Vocals /Nathan Soler – Bass / Marcus Dotta – Drums.

The Flame Still Burns Strong 2013

1- Set Me Free
2- Rapture
3- For The Same Hell As Before
4- Dementia
5- Ashes And Flames
6- Here I Preach
7- The End Of My Days
8- One Tribe, One Soul, One God
9- Blind Soul
10- Thirst For Hunting
11- Sythesized Lies
12- Heart Song
13- Slave New World (Bonus Track Version – Sepultura).

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