Roxx Records Summer 2020 Sampler


Roxx Records 2020 Sampler heading your way this Summer!

That’s right we are very excited to push this one out to the world! This amazing new sampler features tons of new music from some of our artists and even some classic reissues celebrating some amazing reissues we have done or will be doing this year! Maybe even a sneak peek or two of what’s to come!

This brand new sampler is being sent out digitally to all of our radio and media partners in an effort to help get some exposure and some airplay on all the cool things we are working on.

In addition we will be pressing a limited cd version that we will also be mailing to some media partners, offering a few on the site, and even giving some away! That’s right throughout the remainder of the Summer we will be adding copies to all new orders placed that purchase a Roxx Records title while supplies last! (Purchases over $20 including shipping)

Check out this killer track listing featuring 7 Old and 7 New and Ritual Servant at track number 7!

1. XL & DBD – ‘The End Justifies The Means’ (featuring Oz Fox) from the brand new release ‘The Beginning of Closure’
2. Michael – ‘Lost At The Cross’ from the never before released album Michael II
3. Nina Llopis – ‘You Consume Me’ from the brand new EP ‘Unveiled Part II’
4. We Are Resolute – ‘Mad At God’ from the debut album ‘Shine The Light’
5. Crushing The Deceiver – ‘Prophecies Foreseen’ pre-release off the upcoming sophomore release
6. The Thomas Thompson Earth Project – ‘Roll With The Punches’ from the self-titled debut album
7. Ritual Servant – ‘Seven Trumpets’ from the Limited Edition CD EP ‘777’

8. Recon – ‘Light The Fire’ from the 30th anniversary limited edition ‘Behind Enemy Lines’
9. Vengeance Rising – ‘Can’t Get Out’ from the 30th anniversary limited edition ‘Once Dead’
10. Die Happy – ‘Sticks and Stones’ from the remastered edition of Die Happy Volume II
11. The Warning – ‘Condemned To Hell’ from the new release ‘The Trilogy of Damnation’
12. Jesus Freaks – ‘Religion’ from the upcoming LP and CD remasters
13. Philadelphia – ‘Tell the Truth’ from the upcoming LP and Gold Disc remastered edition
14. Thresher – ‘Totally Possessed’ from the upcoming LP and Gold Disc remastered edition

BONUS TRACK: Larry Worley & Friends – ‘This Is Amazing Grace’ from the 2019 album ‘Testify’
BONUS TRACK: Weapons of God – ‘Glory and the Power’ from the 2019 self-titled debut album
BONUS TRACK: Once Dead – ‘Ghost Tribe’ from the Once Dead EP 2020

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