‘Roxx Records’ Presents Best of 2015


Best_of_2015_CD_2ccHappy Holidays to all of our friends and family out there! It has been another GREAT year for Christian Rock and Metal fans in 2015! And it is time for our third annual installment ‘Best of’ series compilations! This year we have also partnered with our friends over at Ulterium Records to bring you some of their best of 2015 tracks as well!

This will be given away digitally by Roxx Records and Christian Metal Distro to anyone who purchases from us beginning on the day of our Unblack Friday sale. Also a limited amount of copies were pressed on CD and will be given to those that place orders over $20 over the 3 day sale!

Now check out this amazing track listing from this year’s 2015 Roxx Records Best of CD….

Best Christian Rock and Metal Releases of 2015

Roxx Records

Please visit www.roxxproductions.com for these and many more Roxx Records releases.

  1. 1. Jupiter VI – ‘Running’ taken from the release Moveable Walls
    2. WonRowe Vision – ‘I’m gonna be a good looking corpse’ taken from the Limited Edition vinyl 2 Headed Monster
    3. Bill Menchen – ‘Concentric’ taken from the release Blues Metal Trance 1.5
    4. Mortification – ‘Illusion of life’ taken from the Limited Edition vinyl Break the Curse
    5. Bill Menchen – ‘Christ Died’ taken from the bonus disc The Best… Companion to BMT1.5

Ulterium Records

Please visit www.ulterium-records.com for these and many more Ulterium Records releases.

6. Worldview – ‘The Last Cry’ taken from the release The Chosen Few released through M24 Music Group for more info visit https://www.worldviewmetal.com/
7. Millennial Reign – ‘Forever Changed’ taken from the release Carry The Fire
8. Signum Regis – ‘My Guide In The Night’ taken from the release Through the Storm
9. Within Silence – ‘Silent Desire’ taken from the release Gallery of life
10. Harmony – ‘Eternity’ taken from the release Remembrance

Christian Metal Distro Top Indie releases for 2015

Please visit www.christianmetaldistro.com for these and many more Christian Indie releases.

11. GX Project – ‘Can’t stop rock ’n’ roll’ taken from the release Raze some hell
12. Armageddon USA – ‘Up in flames’ taken from the release Up in flames
13. Ancient Prophecy – ‘Eternity’ taken from the release Pounded by our sins
14. Sweet Crystal – ‘Foot of the Cross’ taken from the release Quad
15. Reign – ‘Grateful’ taken from the self-titled release Reign
16. Grave Robber – ‘Straight to Hell’ taken from the release Straight to Hell
17. Wretched Grave Robber – ‘Grandma got half eaten by a zombie’ (BONUS TRACK)

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