Menchen – “Blues Metal Trance 1.5”


Bill_20Menchen_20-_20Blues_20Metal_20Trance_300w_ede If I were to list off all the projects Bill Menchen has done, then it would be a long one. Bill is a prolific guitarist and songwriter who is best known for Redeemer, Titanic and The Seventh Power. His more recent solo releases were ‘Red Rock’ (2008) and ‘In The Light’ (2011).

He was signed to Roxx Records for the release of his upcoming solo album, ‘Blues Metal Trance 1.5’. It is an all instrumental album featuring guitar licks, melodies, ballads and rockers. As the title suggests it is a fusion of Blues, Metal and Trance which makes for a unique album from one of the best hard rock guitarists in the christian hard rock scene. If you like the noodling of Joe Satriani, then this will appeal to you.

Blues Metal Trance will be released digitally at all of your favourite retail outlets worldwide. As well, there will be a strictly Limited Edition CD pressing of Blues Metal Trance 1.5, which consists of only 300 pieces, never to be pressed in this format again. In addition the first 100 special Deluxe Package pre-orders will come with a free limited edition Bill Menchen guitar pick and a very special bonus disc. The bonus disc will be a compilation / retrospective of ‘The Best of Bill Menchen’ which will highlight tracks from throughout his long career of putting out great quality Jesus Metal.

I tried to listen to a couple of snatches of this album in between doing other things. But it is not that kind of experience. I needed to calm down, relax and let it wash over me. The greatest credit of the album lies in the song writing. It starts off with a smouldering hard rock and ballsy tune in ‘Ball Peen Hammer’ before moving into synth rock with ‘Concentric’ and old-school Satriani territory in ‘Dual Overhead Cam’.

This album has “modern meets traditional” written all over it, as it combines elements from several musical genres (but mainly stays in hard rock territory). Menchen is in fine form as he plays some seriously laid back and melodic solos. My preferences tends towards the tracks that feature more guitar such as ‘Gearbox Grinding’, ‘Hydraulic Pump’ and ‘Jacks’ rather than the trance inspired ‘Hot Patch’. There is also some seriously good blues in ‘Nutz & Boltz’ and ‘Slo Wrenchen’.

Whilst Bill Menchen is an accomplished and creative guitar player, he also writes songs here that could appeal to a wider audience such as film soundtrack enthusiasts.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Track listing:
01. Ball Peen Hammer
02. Concentric
03. Dual Overhead Cam
04. Fuel
05. Gearbox Grinding
06. Hot Patch
07. Hydraulic Pump
08. Ignition Module
09. Impact Gun
10. Jacks
11. Monkey Wrench
12. Nutz & Boltz
13. Pinion Shaft
14. Radiator Grill
15. Slo Wrenchen


Track listing:
01 Christ Died – The Seventh Power
02. Dominion And Power – The Seventh Power
03. Everlasting Fire – The Seventh Power
04. Far From Fear – The Seventh Power
05. The Hand Of God – Rev Seven
06. He Made Me – Rev Seven
07. Human Sacrifice – The Seventh Power
08. King Of Glory – Redeemer
09. The King Of The Light – Redeemer
10. Let The Light Shine On – Redeemer
11. Majesty On High – The Seventh Power
12. New Creation – The Seventh Power
13. No Other Name – The Seventh Power
14. Over And Out – Rev Seven
15. Sabbath Breaker – Rev Seven

Menchen – Blues Metal Trance 1.5 (2015)
Menchen – In The Light (2011)
Menchen – Red Rock (2008)

The Seventh Power – Power And Glory (2012)
The Seventh Power – Eternal Power (2012)
The Seventh Power – Dominion & Power (2008)
The Seventh Power – Seventh Power (2006)

Redeemer – One Way (2011)
Redeemer – Double Edge Sword (2007)
Redeemer – Anno Domini (2007)

Titanic – Full Steam Ahead (2007)
Titanic – Screaming in Silence (2002)
Titanic – Maiden Voyage (1996)

Final Axe – The Axe of the Apostles (2006)
Final Axe – Beyond Hell’s Gate (1989)

Rev Seven – 747 (1999)
Rev Seven – Seven Years Of Good Luck (1998)
Rev Seven – Hell And Back (1994)
Rev Seven – The Unveiling (1991)

Record Label: Roxx Records, Nov. 2015

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Check out the very first single and video streaming now for the track ‘Concentric’

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