Music Industry Company ‘CLG Music & Media’ Launches New Ecommerce Website; Consolidates Several Brands Under One Name


CLG_381Music industry company CLG Music & Media is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website The new site offers ecommerce capabilities for goods and services including digital and physical music distribution, CD/DVD replication and duplication, vinyl record manufacturing, graphic design, social media marketing and a host of other key music-related services. As part of its objective to nurture and service the independent music community, the website brings together brands including CLG Music & Media, CLG Distribution and Gorilla Media to serve as a one-stop shop for independent musicians of all genres.

In an age of shrinking music sales, independent artists are struggling to earn a viable income from their craft. CLG Music & Media is committed to providing goods and services at an affordable price. By combining years of experience in the industry with a passion to help others pursue their passions, the company provides resources to help musicians build a targeted fan base and increase revenue through grassroots marketing techniques as well as offering quality tangible goods for monetization. Company President David Coleman states “as an indie musician myself, I’ve developed a passion for educating and equipping others as they attempt to navigate the new music industry. Never before has the industry been more accessible. At the same time, personal knowledge and basic business skills associated with the music business have never been more essential in the quest for success.”

The new site will incorporate new features including an affiliate program. Sales Manager Shawn Browning states “we’ve had so many people referring others to us for goods and services that we felt it was time to reward them for their efforts.” Affiliates can now earn a percentage of sales directed to the website. Other features include a support ticketing system and the ability to instantly connect with customer service during normal business hours.

Additional information about CLG Music & Media can be found at:


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