Former ‘For Today’ Frontman ‘Mattie Montgomery’ Launches ‘Awakening Evangelism’ Training Program ‘BASE’


Awakening Evangelism has launched BASE (Biblical Application, Supernatural Evangelism), an interactive 16-week course created to help encourage and empower Christians from around the globe to share their faith in their own areas of influence. The mission statement of the ministry states their heart to equip believers to touch and transform their world with the power of radical love, relentless courage, and timeless truth. During their time in this online training course, BASE students will develop the ability to confidently communicate their beliefs in any situation. Applications are now available, and the inaugural class will begin in August 2017.

Awakening Evangelism was founded by Evangelist Mattie Montgomery. After spending a decade traveling the world and sharing the gospel (with his band For Today), Mattie had a simple realization: “We kept hearing from people who had never tried to share their faith, either because they felt unprepared, or because they believed that evangelism was for preachers and traveling evangelists.” He continues, “If the gospel will ever reach the world, it will not be because of Christian rockstars or mega-ministries, but because of the courageous love of every-day Christians, who advance the kingdom in their own sphere of influence. We want BASE to connect a global network of local church soul-winners. We want every believer to be inspired and equipped to share the good news of Jesus fearlessly in any situation, to make God the center of attention, and to have an eternal impact on the world around them.”

Students will participate in 2-3 classes of Biblical instruction each week, along with virtual “field trips,” where they will watch as the video team follows Mattie along as he witnesses to strangers, and interviews with international ministry leaders. Students will be immersed in scripture, apologetics and basic training concepts to help take the fear out of sharing their faith. Mattie declares, “We want our BASE participants to know the Gospel so well that they can’t help but be excited to share about it.”

Another unique element of BASE is community. Members of each class will be directly networked with other students from around the world for support and encouragement, as well as invited to participate in an annual “BASE Camp” conference, that will bring together all graduates of the program for a weekend of instruction, encounter, and inspiration.

BASE participants will receive one-on-one contact with the staff to make sure each student is supported and connected to Awaken Evangelism leadership as well as the other students.

BASE is very different from any weekend conference or university course,” he continues. “It is for high school students and senior pastors, businessmen and hairdressers; anyone from anywhere who hopes to ignite a passion for sharing their faith. We hope that this program becomes a blessing to the local church and a support for local pastors. By equipping the body of Christ with the tools they need to be confident in their beliefs, church members can boldly help grow their local church communities, and have an eternal impact on their city.”

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