Riveting Truth – “Riveting Truth” Ep


It is synonymous with Roxx Records that some great metal has come from their stable over the years with some bold Christian metal music.

In Short Riveting Truth is a Christian Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Featuring members, Dave Bentley out front (Vocals/Guitars), and Andrew Rudd (Bass Guitars). In 2017 Andrew and Dave created a new musical project by drawing from their musical influences of melodic groove heavy metal and Riveting Truth was born.

The doubled-edged concept of the band name is that Jesus Christ is the riveting truth (John 14:6) that can fasten the gospel to our heart, soul and mind.

So here is their anticipated release which is a 4 song Ep that features guest solos from two of Christian metals most legendary guitar players Dennis Cameron (Angelica) and Rex Carroll (Whitecross).

From the start Riveting Truth hit us with a well mastered release, bringing in some old school power metal influences into the modern age. ‘The Prison’ is a full on straight to the point power metal song based on 1 Corinthians 10: 13. ‘The Prisonis a straight ahead Power Metal song based on 1 Corinthians 10:13. A reminder that God gives us strength to overcome our temptations, and that He always provides a way of escape from the prison of sin. Dennis Cameron offers his guitar solo skills with a stunning lead guitar solo that feeds in and out the song with fluidity.

Stand Trial’ has that foot stomping groove straight from the start. Really groovy and heavy, great riff. Its jug jug groove is addictively strong throughout complimented by the solid drumming. Rex Caroll shows off his skills here, and again only help adds to the layers of quality that hold the song together. The unashamed lyrics add strength and purpose to the song thanks top production quality come through strong and clear, and not once do I feel they fall on cheesy ground.

Skeleton’s In The Closet’, hits off with a sick bass intro, and some wild guitar riffs, somehow reminded me something similar but not the same as Megadeth in some way. Vocally there are moments I thought I heard Dale Thompson of Bride coming through in the higher notes. Again the drumming keeps everything tight and solid. These guys know how to keep a groove going allowing for a continued drive of power metal mania that pushes like locomotive with purpose.

Give Up The Ghost’ is the last song of the EP, and my least favourite track of the EP. In the way Dave sounded for a moment similar to Bride vocalist, Dale Thompson on the intro. There is no doubt the kick ass guitar solo on this is testament of the amazing guitar work throughout the album, but on a personal level does not hold the strength or impact value as the first 3 tracks on the EP. That said as a standalone song it is not a bad number by any lengths of the imagination, just here among the other tracks it is not as strong in my opinion.

The doubled-edged concept of the band name is that Jesus Christ is the riveting truth (John 14:6) that can fasten the gospel to our heart, soul and mind. Like a band on a mission the message they bring cuts through the slag and gets to the point. This no compromise setting is always refreshing for me, especially in a world where it’s easy to want to pander to the masses for record sales. Bands immediately win huge amounts of respect from me in this view. Especially when it comes off sincere and not cheesy which Riveting Truth manage to navigate through out the EP with ease. It’s abundantly clear where they steed their feet, and the rock beneath them is unbreakable, and with the great music they crafted along with their lyrical astuteness offers the truth with clear purpose and intention in a tangible and palatable way. Dave Bentley and Andrew Rudd are a formidable team of song writers and their melodic groove metal project, Riveting Truth is a prime example of what is able to be achieved through a great partnership of musicians that equality deliver with excellence, from the main members to the guest artists.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

Track Listing:
1) The Prison
2) Stand Trial
3) Skeletons In the Closet
4) Give Up The Ghost

Band Members:
Dave Bentley – Guitar / vocals
Andrew Rudd – Bass

Riveting Truth – “Riveting Truth” Ep

Release Date: 13 Nov 2020

Label: Roxx Records

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