Rising Symphonic Metal Stars Elvellon Releases Magical Second Single ‘My Forever Endeavour’ & Official Lyric Video


Rising symphonic metal force ELVELLON released their second single and next harbinger, “My Forever Endeavour”, taken from their upcoming new album, Ascending in Synergy, set for release on May 17, 2024. The track convinces with an enchanting, uplifting intro building up to a strong chorus that is topped by Nele Messerschmidt’s magnificent vocal skills, inviting the listener to get lost in dreamy worlds.

The fresh ten track offering Ascending in Synergy marks the outfit’s Napalm Records debut, and is the successor to their highly acclaimed 2018 album, Until Dawn, and 2015 EP, Spellbound. Formed in 2010, ELVELLON has brought a breath of fresh air to the scene and has delighted fans and critics alike. Dubbed as “heroes of tomorrow” by Metal Hammer, they’ve also made a stand with their video for “Born From Hope” (2015), produced by Mirko Witzki (e.g. Any Given Day, Caliban), that reached 1M views within a year. Check out their newest onslaught with the stunning lyric video for “My Forever Endeavour” below for a taste of what’s to come, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the upcoming album!

ELVELLON on “My Forever Endeavour”:
“With ‘My Forever Endeavour’ we are releasing a song that developed in the direction of the classic ELVELLON-style. It deals with the topic of bitter decisions and farewells that we have all had to make. The path of life also includes embracing these moments and taking them with you as part of your journey. Because even if it hurts, they are some of the most important ones. With this mixture of melancholic lyrics and encouraging melodies, it was immediately clear to us that this song should have a special place on Ascending In Synergy.”

Watch the enchanting lyric video for ‘My Forever Endeavour’

Ascending in Synergy proves that this promising German unit is on top of their game and skillfully manages to balance the tightrope act between diving into the early beginnings of symphonic metal, yet splicing all songs with a contemporary vibe. Opening track “Unbound” impresses with skillful orchestral arrangements and vocalist Nele Messerschmidt’s extraordinary voice. Dramatic, dark soundscapes and heavy riffs on songs like “Ocean Of Treason” and “The Aftermath Of Life” keep the listener in a tight grip. ELVELLON’s dreamlike, cinematic side shines especially bright on tracks like “Last Of Our Kind” and “The Aeon Tree”. Massive album finale “Epiphany Of Mine” closes Ascending in Synergy impactfully, leaving the listener wanting for more.

Magical Ascending in Synergy proves that ELVELLON is one of the most promising current bands in the German symphonic metal scene. Join ELVELLON on an exciting journey between childlike wonders and hard-hearted bitterness!

ELVELLON about Ascending in Synergy:
“We are incredibly excited to see how our fans will receive Ascending In Synergy. A lot has happened since our debut album and the songwriting process has changed a lot. It still feels like 100% ELVELLON to us, but the dynamics have expanded. It has become more orchestral and more metal at the same time. Also, lyrically we no longer stick to a single concept, but the songs are held together by a common thread.”

Tracklist Ascending in Synergy:
1. Unbound
2. A Vagabond’s Heart
3. My Forever Endeavour
4. Ocean of Treason
5. The Aftermath of Life
6. Last of our Kind
7. Into the Vortex
8. A Legacy Divine
9. The Aeon Tree
10. Epiphany of Mine

Ascending in Synergy will be available in the following formats:
1 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl
1 CD Digipak
Digital Album

Pre-Order Ascending in Synergy NOW

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