‘ReinXeed’ Announces New Bass Player ‘Chris David’


Now it is official that the bassplayer of Swedish melodic / power metal band ReinXeed is Chris David [picture]. Chris is from a village in Sweden called Hagfors. He has been studying music for several years and came recently back from the US and the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. During his time in USA he also played with the band Sledge Leather together with Scott Warren [Dio/ Heaven & Hell] The connection to ReinXeed is that Chris played bass on the latest Oriz album II together with Alexander!

ReinXeed is confirmed for next years edition of ProgPower USA September 4 – 7, 2013. The annual progressive and power metal festival in the United States. Alongside Heaven’s Cry, Wolf, Circus Maximus, Armored Saint, Sabaton .

ReinXeed have released their 5th studio album ‘Welcome To The Theater’ last May 30th. via Liljegren Records. Their style of melodic power metal should appeal to fans of Helloween, Rhapsody Of Fire, Avantasia, Sabaton and Edguy. Read our review here.

Upcoming Shows:
10 Nov. 2012 ProgPower, Oslo, Norway
23 Nov. 2012 Nordic Rage Festival, Boden, Finland
07 Juli 2013 ProgPower USA XIV, Atlanta, Georgia

The Light [2008]
Higher [2009]
Majestic [2010]
1912 [2011]
Swedish Hitz Goes Metal [2011]
Welcome To The Theater [2012]

Band members:
Tommy ReinXeed – Vocals, guitars, keyboards & orchestration
Alex Oriz – Lead guitars & backing vocals
Chris David – Bass & backing vocals
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums

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