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raised from deathAs I have said in previous reviews, I struggle to bend my ears around the sound of metal-core how ever good it is at times, it might help sometimes when its infused with a bit of hard-core, but still I have strong anti-sentiments towards the genre, and its hard to be completely non-influenced by that when reviewing bands.

So presented to me for review is the band Raised From Death with their self titled EP release. To let you a little more on the band these guys are pretty serious about their relationship with Jesus Christ, and in their facebook biography do not split hairs about it. “Through his love and forgiveness he gave us new life, hope and a new perspective. This experience is what we want to share through our music, live shows and our lives with those who are still looking for hope. This is why Raised From Death is not just a band but a personal invitation for you to be “raised from death” as well. We hope that our songs will inspire you in that way.” – Raised From Death (Facebook band page). They describe themselves as a worship/hardcore/metal-core band. There is no doubt that is clearly what they are.So that will give a clear perspective on their lyrical content.

“Pride” is a pretty average song, with the usual jugging, and shouting bits of a metal-core bands with clean vocal bits. Lyrically powerful, sadly the song musically is a run of the mill attempt. “I am Yours” starts with a passionate cry, and up too the metal-core part was very highly rated in my books. There is no doubt talent lies beneath the metal-core just wish I could experience more of it. “Martyr is a lifestyle” is a better composed hardcore / metal-core song filled with usual jugging etc…but the song actually works well, and they don’t drop the ball in the tempo shifts, and some interesting lead guitar work. Some great drumming too comes to the fore, and certainly this song is a highlight of the album, and is a better suite to their musical skill set. Again their faith in God, their conviction comes through rock solid, and I find myself in contention whilst reviewing it, as the lyrics are good, yet I struggle to embrace the music.

“Our King is Coming Back” has got an intro that got me thinking for some reason my computer skipped to another band, and this is why say these guys are talented, there is no doubt, and they have some pretty inventive stylistic approaches to their intro’s. Again the song drops into the usual jug-jugg riffs further on, and the song is basically finished before it starts. There is hope in here some where for the band. “”Refuse the Fear of Man”“ – comes in hard and fast from the start, got some good gang vocal bits, again great lyrics, poised strong and vigilant, and slamdunken faith filled. This is their strongest song on the EP for me, and with its machine gun burst drumming and fast paced drive adrenalin fueled rock out, this again highlights the talent within that just needs a little more maturing. Otherwise “”Refuse the Fear of Man”“ is in fact a brilliant song – 9/10. “When Love Gave Hate a Headshot” – love the title of the song, 10 out of 10 for that, the song is not bad, and love the drumming around 1m26seconds. The quality is good, though the song is not the best on here, however carries itself well, and has a cinematic feel to it. “Your Beauty” comes in hard fast, and departs a little from the usual metal-core jugging, and brings to battle a solid composition that is undeniably passionate and energy soaked. I must say personally the second half of the EP is from “Refuse the Fear of Man” is actually very good in many respects, and if it was merely a review on those songs the overall rating would be that much higher.

Conclusion, well its metal-core, and this is in my books for those who enjoy the genre. It is not the best of the metal core squad, but their are glances and shades of possibility and promise. Their faith stands strong throughout, and the songs are sung with conviction, and realism. The lyrical content does supersede the musical strength of the album, and in a way saves it from ultimately been side stepped into mediocrity. So don’t disregard the album, if not for the music, lyrically this has bus loads of truth, conviction and strength. Best I can say on this one is to take a listen to it yourself and go from there.

Rating: 6.8 / 10

Track list:
1) Pride
2) I Am Yours
3) Martyr Is A Lifestyle
4) Our King Is Coming Back
5) Refuse The Fear Of Man
6) When Love Gave Hate A Headshot
7) Your Beauty

Band Members:
Delta – Scream
Domme – Bass
Eddy – Guitar
Stefan – Guitar
Dave – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Jimdo

Record Label: Independent, March. 2013

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Lyric video below for: “When Love Gave Hate A Headshot”

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