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Front Essence of LifeFemale-fronted symphonic/goth metal bands typically originate from Europe, so it should come as no surprise that Veritas Infinita hail from the Netherlands.  The Essence of Life is the second release from the band as they look to expand their sound.

Veritas Infinita trace their origin back to 2007 then drummer Siebolt and guitarist Tjeerd Heimstra got together to play music.  Thomas Elzinga was the next member to join and the band started on the metal journey. Following those two, the band added a female singer and a keyboard player, setting the course for female-fronted symphonic metal.  Current vocalist Linda Augustinus then joined the band in 2009 to bring the band near to its current form. Sometime before 2010, the band changed their name from Silence Falls to Veritas Infinita and in 2010 the band recorded their first demo, Wonderous Ways.  Stability was short-lived as Tjeerd, chose to leave the band in October 2011, resulting in some changes to the sound.  After his departure, Linda brought in the acoustic guitar and other changes were made to this semi-acoustic configuration and the band continued on. The band strives to make music with a message, a deeper meaning.  The mission is to bring the light of Christ to the darkness in the world and to inspire those in the light. “We may not always talk about it on stage, but God and His Word are in the centre of what we do…As a lamp unto our feet and a guide in our lives.”

“Quest for Light” opens up the album and as one might expect with symphonic metal, it has a rather extended atmospheric keyboard-laden opening.  Actually the entire 5:26 of the track is instrumental and essentially a long intro track.  “Gods Without a Heart” starts up immediately after with a very metallic guitar riff that continues until the vocals start.  Once the vocals start the guitar shifts initially into a choppy, staccato-type riff that eventually picks up into a continuous riff.  Vocals are clean and melodic, just as one would expect for the genre.  They do feel a bit restrained, almost too in polished and controlled.  The overall mix is interesting as the guitar sound is a bit more raw and toward the forefront in the mix compared to other symphonic bands.  Vocals and guitars are the most prevalent of the instruments.

“Today’s World” changes things up a bit and moves toward the territory of Eluveite with the incorporation of some traditional instruments in the opening of the track.  Unfortunately, they are not carried continually through the rest of the track.  They do return after the verse sections , but I think they really could have provided some good texture if carried throughout the song as they would have complemented the vocals nicely.  Maybe I’ve been listening to too much folk metal lately?  This song does illustrate the overall smoothness and polished sound of Veritas Infinita.  To my ears though, it is overly smooth and polished and seems to lack some intensity.  Keep in mind, though, this is coming from a guy who regularly listens to punk and hardcore where rawness is a good thing.

My least favorite track on the album would be “Like an Eagle”, which starts out with a wilderness setting and sounds of an eagle screeching and flying.  The song in general has more of a power metal feel to it and overall doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the songs on the album.  “Bloodbrothers” brings back some traditional instruments and again uses them sparingly, opting for the guitar to carry most of the song.  The song itself rumbles along nicely and is very well constructed, featuring a keyboard and guitar solo in the vein of bands like Rainbow.

The album ends on a calm note with the song “Through God’s Eyes” featuring primarily piano and vocals.  For such a track the song starts out somewhat quietly but builds as it progresses with the vocals becoming stronger and some bass guitar joining in the background .  This song is perhaps the best one that displays Linda Augustinus’ beautiful vocals and range and has the emotion that seems lacking from many of the other songs on the album.  The song itself has a praise and worship feel to it but does not feel out of place and provides a fitting close to the album.

Rating: 7/10

1. Quest for Light
2. Gods Without a Heart
3. United
4. Today’s World
5. Before It’s Time
6. The Fight
7. Like an Eagle
8. Bloodbrothers

Band Members:
Linda Augustinus – Vocals and guitar
Thomas Elzinga – Bass and guitar
Tjerk Bij de Leij – Keyboards
Siebolt vd Brug – Drums and cajon

“Wondrous Ways” [2010]
“The Essence of Life” [2014]

Record Label: Independent, Sept. 2014

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Myspace

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below “The Essence of Life”

Video below ‘Like An Eagle’


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