Enbound – “The Blackened Heart”


enbound_artwork_2016_ace-1 Enbound was formed in 2006 by Mike Cameron Force (Mikael Hornqvist) from Borås, Sweden. He had previously played with bands like Zonata and Poem. The experienced bass player, Swede “Machine gun fingers” Odén was added along with guitar virtuoso, Marvin Flowberg. Finally in 2009 the band found their lead singer in Lee Hunter (Lars Säfsund) who is famous for his time in the Swedish melodic rock band Work of Art, performances in musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, TV shows like “Let’s Dance”, Eurovision Song Contest and working with musicians like Bill Champlin [Chicago] and Joseph Williams [Toto]. The band’s sound has been likened to the melodic power metal of Kamelot with the vocal harmonies of Sonata Arctica.

The debut album ‘And She Says Gold’ (2011) was received warmly by fans and the media, especially with songs like ‘Combined The Souls’ and ‘Under A Spell’. Now Enbound are ready to present their second album, entitled “The Blackened Heart” (Nov 2016). It was mastered by Jacob Hansen [Amaranthe, Volbeat, Primal Fear].

The intro section has vocal harmonies before the crunchy guitar and pounding rhythm overtakes it.
“Falling, into your wicked game / Surface tramples on me / Shining, glowing, dies”. It ramps up the tension and then pulls back to allow space for a guitar solo and guest vocals by Linnéa Wikström (Kamelot, Therion). If that wasn’t enough, ‘Give Me Light’ has emotion exuding from it with its up-tempo riffage. “Into the light, all faces shine so bright / Stamping out from life and leaving all the spite”

‘Crossroad’ is a bit more restrained, but still has plenty of chugging guitar. “Travel at the speed of light / At the crossroad I am waiting for the last of sights / Have I reached the end”. Then its time for a full-blown rock ballad in ‘Get Ready For’.

Mike LePond [Symphony X] is responsible for the first of two bass solos on ‘Feel My Flame’. It also takes a detour in the middle with a melodic guitar solo turning into atmospheric synth, bass and acoustic territory, then back to rocking out with all its strength.

There is a progressive feel to ‘Twelve’ as they stretch their wings to encompass the symphonic side and include a Satriani-esque technical guitar section. It does make the more mainstream ‘Holy Grail’ seem to rush along and the up-tempo vibe continues in ‘HIO’ (Humanity Is Overrated) as it fizzes with energy.

The tender ‘They Don’t Really Know’ fully embraces the emotional ballad as it builds to a climax. Then it’s all guns blazing for ‘Make You So Unreal’ with its histrionic guitar and hard rock leanings.

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Rating: 7.5/10

01. Falling
02. Give Me Light
03. Crossroad
04. Get Ready For
05. Feel My Flame
06. Twelve
07. Holy Grail
08. HIO
09. They Don’t Really Know
10. Make You So Unreal

Enbound line-up:
Lee Hunter [Lars Säfsund – Work of Art] – Vocals
Swede – Bass
Marvin Flowberg – Guitars
Mike Cameron Force – Drums

Linnéa Wikström [Therion, Kamelot] – Vocals on “Falling”
Mike LePond [Symphony X] – One of two bass solos on “Feel My Flame”

Enbound discography:
2011: And She Says Gold [Inner Wound Recordings]
2016: The Blackened Heart [Inner Wound Recordings]

Mastered by: Jacob Hansen [Amaranthe, Volbeat, Primal Fear]
Artwork by: Stefan Heilemann [Kamelot, Epica, Rhapsody]

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings, Nov. 2016

Video below: ‘Give Me Light’

Lyric Video: ‘Falling’

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