Audio Interview with German Metal Band ‘Ancient Prophecy’ Posted Online


ancient_prophecy_c7fDave Kruse from “The Covenant Metal Show” in conversation with Timothy Bostick & Lynn Neissner from German metal band Ancient Prophecy. The interview can be streamed in the video below.

Ancient Prophecy: A mixture of various metal styles comprise our unique sound. Rhythmically captivating guitar riffs, coupled with catchy melodic solos, orchestral keyboard parts, powerful drums, and a kicking bass round out the exceptional sound. Tempo, power, and sound melt together into a new type of heavy metal. In this way, Ancient Prophecy provides the backdrop for its lead singer, Jacki, who stretches out her hand to the audience so they can experience “Prophecy Metal”.

Ancient Prophecy – has the effect of a cattle brand: a glowing hot stamp on your musical taste! Our lyrics are about our personal relationship with God and the life of a believer.

Ancient Prophecy has released “Days of Doom” (Demo, 1999), “The New Chapter” (Demo, 2008), “Pounded by Our Sins” (Full-length, 2015).

Current Members: Jaqueline Kunz – main, back-vocals, Florian Kraus – guitar, back-vocals, Tobias Buss – guitar, main, back-vocals, Timothy Bostick – bass guitar, Lynn Neißner – drums.

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Webshop

Video below: ‘Eternity’

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