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Fight the Silence 2014At 4 February 2014 For Today released their fifth album: Fight the Silence. Once again these guys are bringing their heavy Christian message into a metalcore sounded album. This time frontman Mattie Montgomery was triggered by a very actual and serious issue: Human Trafficking. Taking their Christian life style serious in their lyrics and daily life all the proceeds from the album and the tour will be donated to the A21 campaign (founded by Christine Caine) who fights human trafficking.

For Today is back with their signature blend of hard music that includes indelible passion, boldness, and lyrical aggression. Mattie Montgomery and company are always willing to step out for what they believe and often wear their faith on their sleeves, but Fight the Silence is somehow an even more passionate call to action than usual.

The musical side of Fight the Silence is solid and precise. The way these tracks have been structured and configured is a very big step-up from the band’s previous work.

For Today is mixing the heavy guitar riffs along with the sreaming vocals in the verses and more melodic guitar riffs and clean singing in the choruses in almost all the songs trough out the album. The highly skilled drum parts are complex and sounding great with fantastic fills in every track.

“Molotov”; “Fight the Silence” and “Pariah” ; having intros of guitar and singing before starting off in heavy chugging guitar riffs ,screaming vocals and great drums parts. “For the Fallen”and “Call to Arms” are for me the musically highlighted tracks on the album “Break the cycle” (guest vocals by Mattie Mullins of Memphis May Fire); “Dead to rights”; “Fatherless” are going down to business right away. “One voice“ starts with an ‘Enter Sandman’ like guitar riff but then it changes to the typical For Today sound with still a little touch of Metalica on the side. The interludes of the album “Reflections” and “Resonate” are sounding very melodic with harmonious guitar parts.

For Today finishes their 5th album with “Hated by the World” . The song is something of an autobiography of the band that battles the darkness in secular venues and are sometimes less than supported by those within the faith. This track is a pure metal close down of another great powerfull and passionate album .

Rating: 8/10

Written by “Stingray”

1. Molotov
2. Fight the silence
3. Pariah
4. Reflections
5. Break the cycle
6. Call to arms
7. For the fallen
8. Fatherless
9. Dead to rights
10. One voice
11. Resonate
12. Hated by the world

Mattie Montgomery – lead vocals
Ryan Leitru – lead guitar, clean vocals
Sam Penner – rhythm guitar
Brandon Leitru – bass
David Puckett – drums

“Your moment, Your Life,Your time” [ep] (2006)
“Ekklesia” (2008)
“Portraits” (2009)
“Breaker” (2010)
“Immortal” (2012)
“Prevailer” [ep] (2013)
“Fight the Silence” (2014)

Record Label: Razor & Tie, Jan. 2014

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Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below for ‘Fight The Silence’

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