Punk Rock Band Dispraised Releases ‘Lets Celebrate Christmas’ (Old​-​Timers Cover)


The punk rockers from Dispraised recently covered ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’. The song is originally from The Old-Timers. Dispraised is also featured on “United We Skate Volume 6” and this years “Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 8.”

“If you have Spotify and you are a fan of Punk Rock, Christmas music, Dispraised or The Old-timers. Please “presave” our cover of The Old-timers Christmas classic ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’ to your Spotify playlists.”

The band added: “We know music fans … because ultimately that’s what we are ourselves. Everyone has different streaming preferences and abilities, so we’re working to make sure that no one is left out.”

The song is available on various streaming platforms.

Dispraised, with members from South Africa and the United States, Dispraised brings a unique brand of aggressive Punk Rock that’s both loading with conviction and personal faith.

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