Pre-Order the Remastered 3-CD Deluxe Edition of Circle of Dust’s “Disengage” Now


disengageThe highly anticipated final remastered re-release from Circle of Dust, “Disengage,” is now available for an early FiXT Store pre-order with an instant download of the track ‘Chasm.’

“Disengage” – the fourth and final release from Circle of Dust before a nearly 20 year hiatus, has risen from the ashes in a Re-Mastered 3-CD Deluxe Edition Re-release. While still containing the heavy riffs Circle of Dust is known for, “Disengage” is remembered by fans for its increased use of electronic synths and abundance of melodic vocals.

In addition to 10 original tracks on Disc One, an unreleased title track (originally intended to be on the album) now precedes the short collection of remixes of ‘Chasm’ and ‘Refractor’ and closes with the long awaited uncensored version of ‘Deadly Love.’ Discs 2 & 3 feature a plethora of unreleased tracks, rarities, demos, instrumentals and more. Disc Two sees the release of never-before-heard tracks such as ‘Your Noise’ and ‘Resist,’ acoustic versions of ‘Waste of Time’ and ‘Mesmerized,’ as well as a 90’s cyberpunk remix of ‘Yurasuka’ by Blue Stahli. The final disc collects “Disengage” era demos including a full length alternate demo of “Waste of Time” titled “Beneath The Skin,” along with demos of “Chasm” & “Blindeye,” the final seven “Dust” tracks, and an unreleased ‘Refactor’ Remix demo from lvl.

“Disengage” might be the final remastered album, but Circle of Dust has more coming this year. December 2016 will see the release of a brand new Circle of Dust album featuring the singles ‘Contagion’ ‘Neophyte’ and ‘Machines of Our Disgrace.’

Circle of Dust is back. Prepare to re-engage.


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