‘Orphaned Land’ Music Video Released for ‘Let The Truce Be Known’, “Mabool” 10th Anniversary European tour Kicks off Oct. 30th.


Orphaned Land band 2013Orphaned Land, one of Israel’s most successful musical exports and “Global Metal Band of the Year 2014” Metal Hammer Award Winner, are now set to premiere their new video for ‘Let The Truce Be Known’ the song is taken from their latest album ”All Is One” was released in North America on June 25 2013  [one day earlier internationally] via Century Media Records. The video can be seen below.

Singer Kobi Farhi has shared these thoughts:

“The tragedies we see in the Middle East are down to the fact that no negotiations, nor peace conventions, will ever help us achieve peace as long as hate, revenge, and self- victimisation are used as excuses for war.

The majority of the Middle East’s population suffers from a terrible education system; it’s actually a worldwide phenomenon. Our first childhood toys are always toy guns. These childhood moments are the most important, when our personality is shaped, and we are subconsciously preparing ourselves for the use of weapons, for wars, for enemies. Add politics and media systems to the equation and you’ll get a chaotic loop that never ends. Is it in our nature to fight? Yeah it is, but we can educate ourselves to hold different values.

– Imagine a world where we have more education and less economical conventions.

– Imagine a world where all the religious leaders, the ones who claim they are Ambassadors of God, will gather as one and not leave the room, until as one unified voice they declare that war is the most hated act in the eyes of God. Why aren’t they doing this already?

– Imagine a new education system, a one that way before teaching us about the bloody history of humanity, we will learn about the value of life, we will learn that life is sacred and that killing is a worldwide taboo. We will also learn about how to have a dialogue, how to talk, how to listen to each other. It seems to be more important than Mathematics for the moment.

-Imagine if we were brought up believing that going to war and killing someone is forbidden, the same way that it’s wrong to have sex with someone in our family. That’s a deliberately extreme example, but just imagine the same first reaction every human will have to the idea of sex with a sibling, and imagine them reacting the same way for killing someone or going to war.

– Children of the Middle East should play football, play in bands, grow up in a safe city. They shouldn’t run away from rockets, bombs and all the irresponsible wars that we, the adult ones, bring to them from their birth up until the moment they become warriors themselves.

Janusz Korczak, the founder of a Jewish orphanage in World War II, said once, before being sent to his death with all of his children: “If you want to change the world, change the education system”.

Therefore, until we will do so, until we will understand it, until then, as tragic as it may sound – we are doomed for an eternal loop of wars.

“We shall overcome someday”


Kobi Farhi on Behalf of Orphaned Land.

As previously reported Orphaned Land are also about to hit our stages to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their sophisticated concept album “Mabool”. Starting October 30th in France, singer Kobi Farhi is much exited to play all songs of the “Mabool” album to the European crowd. Dates and locations are listed below.

Orphaned Land also  recently announced that they will support Blind Guardian as special guest on their Euro Tour 2015. Read more here.

Pictures of their “All Is One” show last year in Apeldoorn [November 9th] can be seen at this location.

Upcoming Shows:

09.08. UK Derbyshire, Bloodstock Open Air
27.08. Israel Binyamina, Shuni Ampi Theatre

Mabool’s 10th Anniversary Special Tour:

30.10. F Strasbourg, La Laiterie Club
31.10. GER Frankfurt, Nachtleben
01.11. GER Gera, Sächsicher Bahnhof
02.11. CH Pratteln, Z7 Mini
03.11. F Paris, Le Divan Du Monde
04.11. UK Leicester, Firebug
05.11. UK Manchester, Academy 3
06.11. IRE Dublin, Voodoo
07.11. UK London, The Dome
08.11. NL Apeldoorn, Gigant Brainstorm Festival

Blind Guardian Euro Tour 2015

10.04.15 NL Eindhoven, Effenaar
11.04.15 BE Antwerps, Borgerhout Trix Zaal
12.04.15 UK London, The Forum
14.04.15 F Paris Bataclan
15.04.15 F Strasbourg La Laiterie
17.04.15 ES Bilbao, Santana 27
18.04.15 ES Barcelona, St Jordi Club
19.04.15 ES Madrid, La Riviera
21.04.15 CH Pratteln , Z7
23.04.15 DE Trier, Europa Halle
24.04.15 DE Frankfurt/Main, Batschkapp
25.04.15 DE Duesseldorf, Mitsubishi Hall
26.04.15 DE Bamberg, Brose Arena
28.04.15 DE Munich, Zenith
30.04.15 DE Leipzig, Haus Auensee
01.05.15 DE Stuttgart, Liederhalle Beethoven Saal
02.05.15 DE Hamburg, O2 World
05.05.15 IT Milan, Alcatraz
06.05.15 IT Rome, Atlantico

For more info and tickets: www.brainstormfestival.com


Video below ‘Let The Truce Be Known’

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