‘Captain Crimson’ Announces New Album, Release Date Jan. 30th. 2015


captain crimson bandSwedish rockers Captain Crimson reported the following:

‘It’s about time! Over two years have passed since we release our debut album ”Dancing Madly Backwards” and finally the announcement of the follow up is here. The name of it is ”Ageless Time” and contains of 9 songs filled with heavy rock and blues. The album will be released worldwide on January 30th (2015) through Moving Air Music.’ Tracklist and a short teaser can be seen below.

‘”Ageless Time” is the first album with new bass player Chris David (ReinXeed, Azoria) who joined the band in the beginning of 2013. “Ageless Time” was produced by the band and mixed by Jocke Frisö. It is recorded in a small chapel in Svartå (Sweden) and everything aside from lead vocals, guitar solos is played live. Even the reverb on the drums is from the ambient microphones in the big hall so no effects used. The album contains 9 new songs with heavy grooves, blistering guitar solos and bluesy vocals. Inspiration comes mostly from bands in the 60/70is but you will also find some stuff inspired by metal acts from the later decades as well.’

‘For the new record, we all drew inspiration from our common musical sources as well as from new influences. I for example took a lot of my inspiration from all sorts of jazz and Chris was inspired by heavy metal. So there are a lot of new and exciting things to discover on our new record.’ Mikael (Drums)

Track listing
1. Rubicon
2. A Trip Beyond The Universe
3. Golden Hills 4. Silence 5.
Ageless Time
6. Deep Blue
7. Demons Night
8. Maze Of No Trust
9. Mr. Hollow Green

Captain Crimson started back in 2010 and consists of Stefan Norén (ex. BlowBack), Mikael Läth, Andreas Eriksson and Chris David. They play some kind of heavy blues rock and comes from Örebro. In September 2012 they released their first album called ”Dancing Madly Backwards” through Transubstans Records. Since the release they have been playing festivals and toured across Europe three times.

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

Video below “Ageless Time” (album teaser)

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