No Life Til Metal Records Sampler Vol I


That’s right! We are very excited to push this one out to the world. The amazing FIRST SAMPLER from NoLifeTilMetal Records. This sampler features tons of new artists and even some classic reissues celebrating some of our finest releases we have done over the past couple years. Maybe even a sneak peek or two of what’s to come!

This brand new sampler is being sent out digitally to all of our radio and media partners in an effort to help get some exposure and some airplay on all the cool things we are working on.

Check out some exclusives here like the brand new track from Madrost being released this September. Even a sneak peak of whats to come by way of the last ‘Bonus Track’ courtesy of our friends from Anger As Art. As well as a ton of stuff from our label the past couple years.

In addition we will be pressing a limited cd version that we will also be mailing to some media partners, offering a few for sale on the site, and even giving some away! That’s right throughout the Summer we will be adding copies to orders that purchase a No Life Til Metal Records title while supplies last ($10 or more purchase not including shipping)

Check out this killer track listing…

  1. Madrost – Charring the Rotting Earth
  2. Veil of Deception – Crooked Lines
  3. Hellbender – American Nightmare
  4. Primal – Wisdom
  5. Bangalore Choir – Freight Train
  6. Consecrator – Meaningless
  7. D.T. Seizure – Kraken
  8. Banshee – Taming the Beast
  9. Mass – Fighter
  10. Helix – Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
  11. Mass – Magic Train
  12. Mass – All That I Needed
  13. Heathens Rage – City Of Hell (Live)
  14. Banshee – Fight
  15. Sircle of Silence – Color Blind
  16. From The Ruins – No Honor
  17. Anger As Art – Race For the War (Bonus Track)

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