Scandinavian Influenced Metal Band ‘Sylvan Fortress’ Welcomes ‘Ronny Hansen’ (Antestor/Grave Declaration)


Sylvan Fortress announces lead vocalist Ronny Hansen. Ronny is also the front man and lead vocalist of Vaakevandring, Antestor, and Grave Declaration. It is with great honor and respect that Sylvan Fortress welcomes Ronny Hansen.

Check out the official video announcement below.

Cover artwork for their upcoming album “Enthroned on White” is revealed last month. 

Sylvan Fortress is a metal band with a lot of black metal and other Scandanavian influences. Metal themed around triumphant battle and winter landscapes, delivered in a black metal style, using a balance of melody and grim approaches at different times.

The band is composed of: Lead Vocals – Ronny Hansen (Vaakevandring, Antestor, Grave Declaration), Guitars – Charles, Bass – ?, Drums – Shawn Cameron (Carnifex)

The track list:
1. In the Solemn Darkness of Winters’ Dawn
2. Adorned with the Glory of Winter
3. Hammer of Woe
4. Battle, Honor, and Glory
5. Broadsword

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