Heavitory Project ‘Reserction’ signs to ‘The Bearded Dragon Productions


Reserction, a project formed by Jeremy Feeney, has joined the roster over at The Bearded Dragon Productions. The project, self-described as “heavitory”, brings an interesting side of the labels’ vision. Bringing more of an industrial side of heavy, the project shows similarities to bands similar to Klank.

“My choice to sign Reserction was the same for the other projects that have signed.” Founder Mason Beard says, “Jeremy came to me and we discussed his project and him being on a compilation. However, it progressed to him joining the label.”

The project falls more into dubstep, while still keeping a metal tone to it, to which Feeney calls “heavitory” or “deathstep”.

“With the signing of Reserction, I hope to bring a new side of metal to the table. I’ve been looking for black metal, death metal, and grindcore bands, and have really been trying for thrash, but my whole goal with this was to bring bands to the light and to spread the word of Jesus as far as I can. And with this project, The Bearded Dragon was exactly the outlet for it” Beard continues.

The project’s single, ‘Cuthulus’ Revenge’ will be available on January 4, 2019. His EP will be out february 5th. 2019.

The Bearded Dragon’s Metal is a blog run by Mason Beard, a Christian Heavy Music fan, who wants to promote bands with large followings or occasionally none. In 2018, he started The Bearded Dragon Productions and has several releases for the coming year.


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