‘Tourniquet’ Continues, New Album Coming In 2016


CXfmCynWQAE3n3u_faaYesterday we reported that, by mutual and respectful agreement, Luke Easter has stepped down as vocalist of thrash/heavy metal band Tourniquet. Co-founder & drummer Ted Kirkpatrick just checked in with the following update:

“Hey everyone. Just a quick update on the present and future of Tourniquet. First, Tourniquet is not going away. I have more than a lifetime of music to give, and God willing, I plan to share it with whoever would like to hear it, just as I always have – under the name Tourniquet.”

“The classical influence, the medical terminology, the allegories to nature, the beautiful and the ugly sounds, the fast and the slow, the ordinary and the unexpected, the triumphs and challenges to faith and hope – all these things you the fans have indicated you like about our music – will continue – and continue in new ways.”

“The new material is very heavy (and sometimes beautiful), and full of melody and twists. Vocals will be with a new singer – not a collection of vocalists (although I love doing that, as you know by now – wait ‘til you hear the guys on the Sabbath tunes!)”

“So – thank you all for hanging in there – onward to 2016 and beyond – and a very Happy New Year to you all! – Ted”

Tourniquet‘s latest album “Onward to Freedom” (an anthem for the voiceless) was mixed and mastered by ace producer Josh Schroeder /Random Awesome Studios and is released on November 11th. 2014 through Tourniquet‘s own label Pathogenic Records. Ted is joined by an impressive array of guest artists.

Our review of “Onward To Freedom” can be found here.

The current line-up includes: Ted Kirkpatrick (co founder and original drummer) and Aaron Guerra (guitar).


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