Listen to Eightball Cholos ‘In My Darkest Hour’


‘In My Darkest Hour’ from Eightball Cholos album “Satan’s Whore” can be streamed below. The album will be reissued by Roxx Records on Oct. 23rd.

Here at Roxx Records we love bringing back those long lost Christian rock and metal releases that may have been lost in to obscurity. While some prove to be a little more controversial then others, we still want to represent and properly archive those artists that helped with a historic movement in the Christian music world.

Well this next one proved to be very controversial at the time, so much so it was banned from many Christian bookstores, and that would probably still hold true today. None the less we are very happy to be a part of releasing the long out of print and very scarce release from Southern California’s very own … Eightball Cholos with their one and only full length release entitled “Satan’s Whore”.

David ‘Burrito’ Vilalpando and Tracy G (of Dio fame) started the Christian crossover band called The Warning at a very young age. We recently put out a cool remaster of all but one of that bands four original demo tapes, entitled “The Trilogy of Damnation”. After the demise of The Warning the duo would form Eightball Cholos stylistically the same with a crossover punk/thrash feel. The band went on to play some very classic shows and put out only one album before calling it a day. That album was entitled Satan’s Whore

This reissue is limited to only 300 copies and features updated cover art and an 8 page booklet with new liner notes and lyric all put together by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics. Also the album features a brand new remaster from Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound.

If that’s not enough for you 100 copies will be packaged as a 2 disc set with an exclusive bonus disc. That bonus disc features a recently uncovered 4th demo tape recorded by The Warning. This demo tape was so long lost even Burrito didn’t realize it existed. Also closing out the bonus disc is a live performance from The Warning from the Godcore 3 tape series never released on CD.

Pre orders are live now and our release date is scheduled for October 23, 2020.

Video below ‘In My Darkest Hour’

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