Groove Metal Band ‘Selkies’ Releases Music Video for New Single ‘Safe Haven’


‘Safe Haven’, the new single from Groove metal band Selkies is released last week (Oct. 5), the song appears on their upcoming ep. The music video for ‘Safe Haven’ can be watched below.

Selkies is an energetic metal band, with its roots firmly in Twente (Netherlands). Metal, rap, breakdowns, jawdropping solos and catchy groove elements! – Metal with a groove! tune down to a F#, play it loud and bang your head till it falls off!

Selkies is inspired by the groovy elements that are found in rap-core, nu-metal, groove-metal and djent. Influenced by bands as Pantera, Rage against the machine, After the burial, Periphery, Modern day babylon, hed P.E. and Architects.

“Our music is a mix off rolling and tight riffs, having fun with time signatures without losing the essential ‘head bob’, breakdowns that will make your stomach rumble and topped off with soundscaping solo’s.”

Selkies self-titled debut EP was released on September 20, 2016.

The band is comprised of: Renger Boersma – Lead Vocals, Thijs Marnette – Drums, Douwe Bolsenga – Bass, Niels Wevers – Guitar, Oscar Scholten – Guitar / Backing Vocals

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp / Spotify / Instagram

Video for ‘Safe Haven’


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