Indonesian Avant Garde Metal Band ‘Kekal’ Releases ‘Rotten In The House’ Video from Upcoming Album


‘Rotten In The House’, the 4th track for upcoming 2018 Kekal album “Deeper Underground” is available in digital audio platforms for download and streaming. More tracks will be released this year and until 2018, one at a time, as they become available. Musically, ‘Rotten In The House’ is arguably the fastest & most brutal song ever recorded by Kekal in more than 10 years! The video can be seen below.

Kekal‘s latest album “Multilateral” is their official 10th full-length studio album that was made to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary in August 2015. The recording process of the album took more than 2 years to complete. Musically, the album represents human emotions and inner expressions that cannot be bound and limited by genres. With “Multilateral,” Kekal delivers a greatly experimental yet accessible music that soothe the pain of your soul. The album features unorthodox instruments such as theremin, analog synthesizers, additive synthesis, electronic beats, vocoder, and vocaloid, as well as unorthodox production approach.

CD version is a Limited deluxe-edition Digipak. Released by Majemuk Records. It has 13 tracks total, including 2 bonus tracks ‘Heartbroken By Default’ and ‘The God Particle’.

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Video for ‘Rotten In The House’

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