‘Antidemon’ Frontman ‘Batista’ Launches “Batista Arts” Fan Page


Batista frontman of Brazilian metal band Antidemon checked in with the following:

Hello friends! Now I have a fan page with almost all the works I’ve painted in the last 20 years. In every picture concerning the work you will find an explanation of the meaning I understand and see in each of them. You will also find right under the name of the work if it is available for sale or if it has already been sold. There are also paintings that illustrated Cds and Dvds of Antidemon. These works have a historical value and that is why they are a little more expensive, but they are also available to whomever.
By Acquiring one of my works, you will be helping directly in the mission of the world and so a missionary with us! I thank everyone for the support and partnership in every initiative and try to go ahead with what we believe.

Ah… if you are interested in some work that has already been sold, I can try to paint something similar or also some work that is 100 % suggestion of you.

A hug dear friends.



Antidemon started in January 1994 in the city of São Paulo in Brazil.

The band’s style was developed along the years and fans define it as a mixture of Death Metal, Grind Core and some other styles. The strong themes taken on and outstanding musicianship merged little by little with the band’s charisma and personality to make Antidemon a global reference for its style.

Antidemon has also become considerably well-known for its tireless series of shows all around Brazil and many countries on several continents.

After the release of two quite successful demos, the band put out their first album “Demonicido,”in late 1998. Their next album “Anillo De Fuego”, recorded live during a tour in Mexico, appeared only in 2002.

Vocalist, bassist and founder Batista is the only remaining member from the original lineup of a band which has seen many lineup changes although the objective of the band has remained the same. In 2006 Juliana was clearly established as Antidemon’s drummer, adding some personality to the band. That same year Maurício Cebalho became the band’s guitarist, remaining for 3 years.

The band’s third album “Satanichaos” competently produced by Tchucka Junior, came out in March 2009. The album was well-received and opened doors to an ongoing world tour unprecedented in the the band’s history.

The band has done as many as 10 shows in every one of the countries on this tour. Shows have been played everywhere from pubs all the way up to renowned festivals in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay and Argentina, in this way gaining worldwide recognition and responding to an appeal from the public spread all around the world.

In March 2010, the band received Luís Oliveira as its newest and most recent guitarist, at a special moment…

Just about to complete “two decades” of existence, Antidemon with much desire and in the middle of a schedule filled with live shows, is preparing a new album. The band with much dedication aims to offer a well-produced CD as a present to such a faithful and loyal public. A public of very different languages and cultures, who has Antidemon as something in common in their hearts, and therefore deserves the band’s best.

So get ready… Hell remains in ruins… Its residents continue to be taken away… And the Name which is above all other names continues to be proclaimed…

Until the END comes…

Their latest album “Apocalypse Now” has been released in 2012 via Rowe Productions.

Our review of “Apocalypse Now” can be found here.

As previously reported, Vision Of God Records will reissue the albums “Demonicido,” (1999)  “Anillo De Fuego” (2002) and “Satanichaos,” (2009) and as well release a BRAND NEW ALBUM, which is to be recorded soon.

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Video below “Welcome To Death’

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