Listen to the Brand New Song ‘Coma’ from ‘Everything In Slow Motion’


EISMCheck out the track ‘Coma’ from the upcoming Everything In Slow Motion “Laid Low” EP  which will be released on April 22 through Facedown Records. The song can be streamed in the video below.

And make sure to also check out the track ‘Bad Season’ that was released a few weeks ago.

“Laid Low” takes the intense desperation of “Phoenix” (2013) and runs that emotion through a chilled out, atmospheric realm. At its core, “Laid Low” is vintage EISM with an elegant shift into relaxed melodies and immersive vibes.

Though at times melancholic and despairing, Everything In Slow Motion catch lightning in a bottle with their debut album “Phoenix.” EISM was born out of the ashes of vocalist Shane Ochsner’s previous band Hands.

Laid Now (EP)

1. Coma
2. Bad Season
3. I Am Laid Low
4. Runaway
5. Capella



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Video below: ‘Coma’

Video below: ‘Bad Season’

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