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bassorama (2016) Alberto Rigoni is an Italian bass player and composer, internationally known for his career as a solo artist and as a member of the progressive rock band TwinSpirits, Lady & THE BASS and co-producer of the Vivaldi Metal Project. He released solo albums with progressive rock metal and fusion themes (‘Something Different’, ‘Rebirth’, ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ and ‘Overloaded’ which were released between 2008 and 2014). They featured legendary musicians such as Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson), Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) and Michael Manring.

Alberto is now releasing his fifth solo album BASSORAMA which features Doug Wimbish, Divinity ROXX, Stu Hamm, Nik West, Steve Lawson, Anna Sentina, Lars Lehmann and Remco Hendrix.

Alberto has been featured on the cover of magazine such as Bass Magazine Japan, Bass Musician Magazine (Japan), Bajos Y Bajistas (Spain) and Basistas (Poland). Moreover, on March 2015 the prestigious Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) released Alberto’s CD anthology called “Into THE BASS”. Alberto has also recorded for several international artists such as Italian pop singer Alexia and is now playing bass with Canadian rock singer and songwriter Kim Bingham (Nelly Furtado), The Italians and the Crystal Music Project, sharing stages with artists such as Alan Parsons, Jørn Lande, Paul Gilbert and others.

This seems like such a fun project ; from the outset Alberto has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek for ‘Bass Guy’ with all its quirky vocal excerpts, funky licks and swirling experimental mood. ‘BASSORAMA’ takes a more conventional electronica approach and ‘Mad Tex’ moves in a modern blues direction (as you might expect with Stu Hamm of Satriani fame). Then ‘Doctor Who’ incorporates plenty of samples and loops with Doug Wimbish (Living Color).

‘Free Your Mind’ moves off in a totally different way as it is R&B with a full set of lyrics and could easily get mainstream airplay. There is another laid back piece in ‘The Alien’ before Alberto starts trading lines with Lars Lehmann. It is followed by the reflective mood in ‘Elements’ that is almost too relaxed. Thankfully ‘Dressed To Kill’ picks up the pace and is followed by two funk outings. To finish off there is another quirky track in ‘Wanna B’ which lets rip with guitar, banjo and anything else that Alberto can lay his hands on.

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Rating: 7/10

Track list:
1. Bass Guy
3. Mad Tex
4. Doctor Who
5. Free Your Mind
6. The Alien
7. Elements
8. Dressed To Kill
9. FutureFunk
10. Funk Me Fender
11. Wanna B.

Alberto Rigoni (all instruments),
Anna Sentina (bass on #2)
Stu Hamm (Satriani, Gambale, bass on #3)
Doug Wimbish (Living Color, bass on #4)
Divinity ROXX (Beyoncé, bass on #5)
Lars Lehmann (Vinnie Moore, UFO; bass on #6)
Steve Lawson (bass on #6)
Remco Hendrix (bass on #7 & 9)
Nik West (Prince, bass on #10)

“Something Different” (2008)
“Rebirth” (2011)
“Three Wise Monkeys” (2012) [review]
“Overloaded” (2014) [review]

Record label: Pride & Joy Music, April 2016

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Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

Video below: ‘Bass Guy’

Video below: ‘FutureFunk’

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