‘My Silent Wake’ Releases Title Track From Upcoming Album “There Was Death”


British death/doom metal band My Silent Wake have released another new song entitled ‘There Was Death’, the title track from their upcoming new album “There Was Death”, which will be released February 18th on CD and double LP via Minotauro Records. The track is available for streaming below.

Frontman Ian Arkley says: “’There Was Death’ started out a few years ago with a riff written by our live rhythm guitarist, The Drowning’s Mike Hitchen. The song was completed by me and bassist Addam. We recorded last year in 13 Sound and Priory studios. The lyrics were also a long time in development and started with one idea and ended with something quite different. The idea of time stopping completely at an individual’s death (at least in their perception) was the starting point and a survival of death was the finishing point. This survival is something very different to that described by any religion and is very open to interpretation. The song is summed up in the end refrain, ‘Of science, of religion, chained by these confines’.”

“This release represents possibly the most aggressive and heavy material that MSW have recorded so far. It’s been a long time in the making, and we’ve put a lot into it, but we’re very proud of the final result

“Almost 65 mins of mainly very heavy music. We have one track that isn’t metal on there and I believe it is our shortest track ever. 35 seconds! It also has the longest title on the album.”

My Silent Wake celebrated ten years in existence in 2015 and during the last decade they have released a dark host of enthralling albums and EPs, becoming one of the most respected figures in British doom.

Fall 2015, the band recruited keyboard player Simon Bibby, who played in Seventh Angel, the band from whose ashes My Silent Wake were first formed. This is the first time in their history that My Silent Wake have had a dedicated keyboard player in their ranks and Simon’s arrival opens even more doors for the band, particularly in terms of their live performance. With Imperative PR by their side and their line-up complete, My Silent Wake can begin a whole new chapter in the band’s history…and we confidently predict that wonders await..

Although sometimes associated with the ‘Christian Metal’ scene, mostly because of the association of Ian Arkley in Seventh Angel; My Silent Wake are expressedly not a Christian band. Some lyrical themes deal with ideas of faith and loss of faith, but in deeply personal ways, and more universally, rather than obivously …

My Silent Wake latest effort “Invitation to Imperfection” has been released by Opa Loka Records on March 20th. 2017.

The band have long been noted for the diversity of their releases, as acclaimed for their ambient and acoustic work as for their majestic, melancholic doom metal and “Invitation To Imperfection” reaches even further into the realms of the darkly experimental and atmospheric. Not just a dark ambient album, not just an acoustic album, Invitation… is all of this and more.

An array of instruments and recording locations were used in the creation of what is one of My Silent Wake’s most enthralling and imaginative releases. Friends and associates from the extended My Silent Wake family added their own personal touches to bring to life what is a truly unique, special album.

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