Veteran Metal Band ‘Deliverance’ Cancels the ‘Rock Alive’ Gig, Statement Available


Rock Alive Festival was not being held in September 2017 and was moved to April 2018. But unfortunately for the Deliverance fans who have already bought a ticket, this time they do not come either … Deliverance just checked in with the following sad news …

Dear Deliverance Fans,

We regret to inform you that as of 3/28/18 we will not be heading to the Netherlands for “Rock Alive Festival”. Due to contractual obligations not met within the specific contracted deadlines our management has decided in our best interest to cancel this show. We have labored over this decision and did not take it lightly. The situation was truly out of our hands and we hope that in the very near future to see all of you in Europe , U.S. and the world alike SOON!

Deliverance & No Compromise Artist Agency

The organisation of Rock Alive has the following to say:

As many of you undoubtedly, we also were very unpleasantly surprised by the statement that was put online by the band Deliverance. We really didn’t see that one coming.

But as always this story also has two sides to it. Yes, it is true that there were still unanswered issues that the band wanted to be cleared. But, those issues were already being addressed by us and the new manager of the band. New because there had been a change of manager while we were negotiating with the band, and thereby the agreements we had also disappeared and new terms were set.

But also from our side there were some questions left unanswered. It turned out that (some of) the members of the band still hadn’t requested the time off from work for this trip. And the required merchandise wasn’t ordered yet. Something that had us, knowing the reputation of the band, a bit worried. The band has a past of cancelling gigs in the last weeks prior to them happening. And this is once again been confirmed by the band. Just hours after we got the confirmation from their manager that Deliverance would truly been coming this time around they released that statement on the internet without notifying us in any way.

We’d rather have posted this statement together with the band.

We regret the decision that Deliverance made, but we want to make it very clear that this has been a one sided decision of the band itself. Until this morning we had all faith in the fact that this time it would really be happening, and Deliverance would be playing the Netherlands. But unfortunately once again the band has decided otherwise.

We’re now looking in on our options for the short time there still is, and what changes are still achievable. But Rock Alive 2018 is still happening! There are still many great bands left to make this a great success, even with the absence of Deliverance!

For tickets and more info go to their website


Deliverance‘s brand new album, “The Subversive Kind” is released on February 23rd. Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records

Our review of “The Subversive Kind” can be found here.

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