‘Machina’ Sign Deal With ‘Rogue Records’


Machina, the band featuring former Evanescence and current We Are The Fallen members John LeCompt and Rocky Gray, has inked a deal with Rogue Records for the release of its debut album, To Live And Die In The Garden Of Eden. Due on September 25, the CD was produced and mixed by Toby Wright [Metallica, Slayer, Alice In Chains, Soulfly, Fear Factory] and was mastered by Louis Marcusson.

LeCompt formed Machina with former Future Leaders Of The World vocalist Phil Taylor, and the two are the group’s songwriters as well. The lineup also includes bassist Thad Ables and drummer Rocky Gray. Longtime friends, John and Rocky have also played together in the groups Kill System, Soul Embraced and Mourningside.

“I’m super excited to have Machina on Rogue,” said label owner Dean Martinetti. “To have guys that are veterans in the industry come to and join our family and bring the style and sound that they have to us…is just a really high honor.”

Added Machina: “After struggling through a volatile industry with an unwavering determination, Machina can officially announce to its fans across the world that we have signed with Rogue Records America. We’re excited to work with a team that has both the brass courage and good business sense to help us get our music where it belongs: To the world. We look forward to what will surely be an incredibly productive partnership. And, most of all, we look forward to releasing our long-awaited debut album, To Live And Die In The Garden Of Eden.”

Machina takes its name from the Latin phrase “Deus ex Machina,” which translates to “God out of the machine.” The term refers to a plot device in which divine intervention is necessary to resolve a seemingly hopeless situation, at the last possible moment saving the day before imminent disaster.

Machina sets itself apart from other modern rock acts by its non-attachment to any one genre. “We’re diverse,” says Taylor. “Never stuck in any genre or style. Our music is organic. It incorporates grunge, southern rock, heavy metal, and any style that moves us.”

Having been in EvanescenceLeCompt and Gray have inevitably dealt with the issue of being labeled “Christian music.” Those questions came up again and again for the band. Were they Christians? Were they therefore a Christian metal band? For Machina, it’s open to interpretation.

“Of course we have our spiritual lives, and naturally, that comes out in our music,” says LeCompt, “But we aren’t out to label or stereotype ourselves, or others. We just want to spread a positive message.”

“We speak our minds and what’s on our hearts,” says Taylor. “The lyrics on this record cover a wide array of subjects. Whether they be political, spiritual, or personal reflections/struggles, I try to paint a picture, and tell a story with the songs. We strive to create genuine art that expresses hope and the search for truth, in these times of war, political hypocrisy, and overall confusion in today’s world.”

Machina toured rigorously for several months at a time over the past four years in between Evanescence, Future Leaders Of The World, and most recently, We Are The Fallen, promoting a self-titled six-song EP.

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Sept. 15 @ LakePointe Church, Hot Springs, AR

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