‘My Silent Wake’ Are Looking For 2012 Gigs


Death / doom metal band  My Silent Wake [MSW] from the UK  is working on new songs for a new album, the follow up to  IV Et Lux PerpetuaWe’ll keep you posted. Watch the music-video for Death Becomes Us below, the song is from their latest album IV Et Lux Perpetua which was released in 2010 via Dark Balance. 

Earlier today MSW tweeted:  MSW are looking for gigs for next year. If you are a promoter please get in touch [Weblinks below].

MSW formed in 2005 The band released 5 albums including a split with The Drowning. Recently MSW toured Europe with In Vain. The current line-up is Ian Arkley (guitar, vocals & analogue synth), Kate Hamilton (bass, vocals & keyboard), Mike Hitchen  (rhythm guitar) and Tank (drums).

Just to clear up a few facts about My Silent Wake, I’m going to include a quote from the recent UK Metal Underground interview with Ian “The simple answer to ‘are we a Christian band?’ is no. I know this upsets some people but it is true. We are not a Christian band but we are not an unchristian band either; We are just people making music. Most of the members of the band are atheist. Some of the early lyrics that deal with faith are asking questions and display as much doubt as faith. It comes down to the lyrics being an honest reflection of where the writer is at the time. For me right now it is a more agnostic thing, but that may change; I grew up as a Christian and that has a big effect on you. For some people, the changes and questions in their once unquestioning faith mean a total rejection and hatred towards their former belief, but for others it means having a more open mind. We have certainly never been in any way connected with fundamentalism or judgmental, intolerant religion. We have a lot of Christian fans and a lot of people assume we are a Christian band, but we have always been honest about this. I think being on a label which primarily releases Christian metal has been a factor and of course my involvement in Seventh Angel (who I would also class as a neutral band these days)”.

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  1. I’ve always loved Ian’s work. The thing I’ve come to appreciate about MSW is their honesty in their lyrics. They are not a band that hops along the bandwagon just to sell albums. This is a band of real people with real questions AND real talent! I hope they will someday have the opportunity to tour the U.S., but until then I’ll have to crank it up in my headphones and shut the world outside…

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