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MadisonRising-284x275Patriotic rockers, Madison Rising, have gotten 4 million viewers to like their video of The Star Spangled Banner and are running apace to hit 5million by July 4th. Today’s release of a video by rapper Lil Wayne depicting him stomping on the American Flag.

The actions on both sides have polarized music fans who see Madison Rising and Lil Wayne as representatives of a massive culture war!

Who is winning and who is losing that war? The ONLY way for either side to win is to fight fire with fire. Every time something as despicable and vile as stomping on and burning the stars & stripes occurs, it must be countered with something even more patriotic and unifying.

Let people, especially the younger people, see both sides and then decide. But it has to be done in the form of pop culture. Words alone won’t make a difference. It has to be something memorable that people can listen to or watch over and over again and share like wildfire. Only then will we have the right weapon in our arsenal. Until then, we’re just fish in barrel, and they’re slowly and systematically taking us out one by one.

“Facebook Designates Best-Selling Rendition of Star Spangled Banner as Spam and Systematically Deletes Thousands of Posts……What would YOU do?!”

What if you had the #1 version of The Star Spangled Banner? What if after years of struggling to “make it” you finally picked up some momentum with CD and ticket sales. What if you had almost 4 million LIKES and it all went away! What if it was Facebook that stopped your band’s action in its tracks!

This is what happened to pro-USA rock band Madison Rising!

But thanks to their fans and a diligent manager, they fought Facebook back!

With all of the hoopla in the media about the government snooping on its citizens, Facebook surprised the band “Madison Rising” by stripping their popular rendition of The Star Spangled Banner from the site by designating it as spam. After amassing almost 4 million “Likes” with fans posting the band’s version of our national anthem (part of a campaign to get 5 million by the 4th of July), Facebook suddenly halted their progress pulling down thousands of postings of the video that fans put up on their own walls!

Could this be the result of the band’s “conservative” agenda to promote patriotism?
Madison Rising‘s self titled debut CD features songs ranging from the guitar heavy opening track “Right To Bear,” to the hauntingly epic sounds of “Honk If You Want Peace,” to the beautiful violins of “Hallowed Ground,” it is clear that this band is on a mission to not only make great music, but also send a message that American pride and patriotism is alive and well in today’s pop culture.

Lead Vocalist Dave Bray was born in Yorkshire England to American parents while his father worked for the NSA. His family relocated to Jefferson, Pennsylvania at age 5. A dedicated patriot, Dave served in the U.S. Navy for four years as an 8404 FMF corpsman for 2nd battalion 2nd marines, and while at CampJohnson in North Carolina, won the coveted Top Dog Award.

The band has appeared on Huckabee, Glenn Beck TV, Fox & Friends, at numerous military bases, opened for Toby Keith, performed at major 2nd Amendment rallies, and been featured in The Daily Caller, Breitbart, The Blaze and dozens of other sites. The band will be performing at several major military events and music festivals this summer, including the 73rd annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD where the live audience alone is expected to be at least 500,000 people.

Take the Madison Rising Star Sprangled Banner Challenge now.

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Video below “The Star Spangled Banner”

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